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Guaranteed High Quality Conveyor Rollers

25 years of experience in manufacturing industries has brought Catroller into one of the leading manufacturers specialized in producing heavy-duty conveyor rollers, pulleys, and frames. 

Catroller has committed towards continuous growth on technological enhancement and constant focus on customers’ satisfaction. 

By upholding its core values of service, quality, innovation, and accountability in producing conveyor rollers, Catroller has proved its best service to more than 50 satisfied customers across Indonesia.


One-Stop Shopping for Any Conveyor Needs

Conveyor rollers, pulleys, frames, idlers, anchors.

High-Quality Finishing

The commitment begins with giving out the best materials, through certified procedure, to result in high-quality finishing.

Latest Welding Technology

Catroller’s welding machine conducts the two-side welding process - both sides at the same time - with the latest advanced technology.

CNC Treatment for Precision Housing Bearing

This aims to achieve pinpoint precision for high-quality housing bearing and extended roller’s lifetime.

Safe Packaging

Catroller ensures their products delivered in a secure method and operation.

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