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Production Quality

Pipe Cutting Machine

Deep cutting machine was used in our production standard. The machine itself have the advantage in high accuration , therefore it can optimize the cutting result. In other hand diffraction can be minimized.


Process of facing use to smooth down result of cutting and make path of housing bearing, with the result of guaranteed straightness between two housing bearings.

Two side Welding Machine

The welding process is an important phase in roller manufacturing. Our welding machine conduct the process both side at the same time.

Shaft Cutting Machine

Wheel cutting use in shaft cutting. With the aim for control and careful measurement.

Two Side Shaft Centering Machine

This process is very important to ensure the straightness of shafts that will be used on a roller, while bearing position is crucial to the life time of roller with the placement noticing of shafts, bearing housings and the installation process.

Two side grooving shaft

With our machine for making shaft grooving can quicken the work, also guaranteed the result at each side. Therefore the result aim for the balanced of the shaft.

Assembly Machine

From all production processes, assembling also have important role in making of roller. Installation for inner part is crucial to the result of better rotation and lifetime extension.

CNC Housing Bearing Treatment

Cnc treatment for housing bearing tend to achieve pin point precision for high quality housing bearing. Therefore our housing bearing assure accurate measurement to extend lifetime for our roller.

Powder Coating Machine

To achieve quality finishing, we applied latest technology for our surface finishing with powder coating treatment.